Indian Valley Pest Control & Bed Bug Services LLC

Service programs

Quarterly Service

Providing service every three months for general household pest

includes typical pests such as ants, spiders, centipedes, .......

includes stinging insect control (wasps hornets,yellowjackets)

interior rodent control -mice and rats

Organic products are available

Helps alleviate stinkbugs

includes exterior perimeter treatment

warranty- no charge for service required between scheduled appointments (for pests covered under program

steep discounts for any service that may not be covered under program

one time services

treatments for any pests such as ants spiders centipedes......
wasp yellowjackets and other typical pests
interior/exterior rodent control (rats mice voles)
Carpenter Bees , Carpemter Ants ,Termites
all work warranted

flea and tick control

Stinging insects ( bees wasps hornets)

If you have problems with wasps yellowjackets or hornets
that keep you from enjoying your outdoor areas then we can provide effective relief. Nests building starts in April and this is a good time for preventive control.All work warranted up to 120 days.

Bed Bugs

Mattress & Boxspring encasements
Early detection monitoring systems (perfect for the frequent traveller)
all work warranted against reinfestation

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